Wellis Danube Swim Spa Install in Hawick

Last week we completed the install of this Wellis Danube swim spa for the Rooney family in Hawick. The couple have had a cabin built around the Danube to give them a bit of protection from the Scottish Borders unpredictable weather.
The Danube is a 4 metres swim and exercise tank. The Rooney’s opted for a single river/flow jet but that should be enough to get them fitter. With the swim area being 4 metres long it also gives the grand children plenty of space to enjoy themselves when visiting Granny and Grandad.

This is truly a great addition to the garden and great family space in the year to come. If you would like to find out more information about the Danube, please click on this link ; //www.swimspasscotland.co.uk/type/danube/