Danube swim spa

To enjoy the perfect swimming experience all our swim spas are 1.5m deep and 2.3m wide. The Danube swim spa model is a 4m long exercise pool including a 2 pump system to really workout!

1 river jet
2 pumps swimspa system, 5 HP maximum strength

Danube Power swim spa

The Danube Power Swim Spa model has a maximum swim spa performance of 15 HP for a really invigorating workout and strength conditioning.

3 river jets
15 HP maximum performance, 3 jets counterflow system, one Viper swimspa pump for each river jet

Danube Turbine swim spa

The W-Power Turbine – instead of 3 hydromassage pumps- is capable of spinning 50-160 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swim spa pumps, the Danube’s turbine produces 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water. Incredible performance combined with energy efficiency.

£17,999 (inc VAT)
£5000 DEPOSIT then 36 x monthly payments
@ £361.08 per month 0% APR

W-Power turbine
energy-efficient operation, no splashing water, no noise, no vibrations, easy to retrofit