How to Get Your Swim Spa Ready for Winter

Once you have drained & cleaned your spa, make sure to check the disposable filter cartridge (which should last ¾ months) to see if it needs replacing. Paper cartridges should be cleaned weekly, and replaced once a year.

When filling your spa, it is always best to fill through the filter chamber, as this helps prevent air locks from occurring. Once it is filled, be sure to run all your pumps, checking that all the air has been expelled, and each jet is producing water pressure.

Allow your spa to reach its set water temperature before testing your PH (should be 7.6), Alkalinity (should be 80-100ppm) and adding any of your chemicals as they won’t dissolve properly in the cold water.

It’s always best to shock dose the water first by pre-dissolving a 35g pot of One Shock in a bucket of hot water. Add the mixture to your spa and ensure that all your pumps are running to circulate this mixture. Leave your spa for a minimum of 2 hours before checking the chlorine levels are sitting at 3 to 4 ppm.

Once your levels are all on point, its time to jump back in and start enjoying a soothing soak under the winter sky. Perfect Arctic Spa weather!